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Search Results Birth and Adoption Records A - Adoptee, M - Birthmother,
F - Birthfather, O - Other
Adoptee NameBirthdateBirthplaceAgency/AttorneySubmitted by
Michael Ford May 13, 1966 Fargo, ND (USA) Lutheran Childrens... (A) Michael Holmes...
May 24, 1950 Seattle, WA (USA) Lutheran Childrens'... (A) Victoria Goodman
Jamesmichael Sep 20, 1978 Medina, OH (USA) Lutheran Children\'s... (M) Patricia Drake
Mar 17, 1970 Milwaukee, WI (USA) Lutheran Children\'s... (O) Ajr
Sherry Myers Nov 3, 1962 St Louis, MO (USA) Lutheran Chldren's... (A) Julia Von Arb
Lori Jacobs Dec 7, 1967 Port Angeles, WA (USA) Lutheran Christian... (A) Lori Jacobs
Joshua Martinez Jun 24, 1986 Wheatridge, CO (USA) Lutheran Christian... (M) Mereille Martinez
James Boyle Aug 17, 1962 Anchorage, AK (USA) Lutheran Church (O) Brittany Boyle
Anika Schnider May 1986 Placerville, CA (USA) Lutheran Church (M) Sherri Pulizzi
Anika Schnider May 1987 Placerville, CA (USA) Lutheran Church (M) Sherri Knehans
Craig Offenbecker Sep 3, 1965 Mankato, MN (USA) Lutheran Church (A)
Richard Bluth Sep 20, 1967 Kansas City, MO (USA) Lutheran Church (O)
Judi (judy) Richter Apr 13, 1967 Fargo?, ND (USA) Lutheran Church (O) Suzanne Laspina
Judi (judy) Richter Apr 13, 1967 Fargo?, ND (USA) Lutheran Church (O) Suzanne Laspina
Judi (judy) Richter Apr 13, 1967 Fargo?, ND (USA) Lutheran Church (O) Suzanne Laspina
Judi (judy) Richter Apr 13, 1968 Fargo?, ND (USA) Lutheran Church (O) Suzanne Laspina
Keith Hoelzel Jan 9, 1966 Philadelphia, PA (USA) Lutheran Church (A) Keith Hoelzel
Dec 15, 1967 Seattle, WA (USA) Lutheran Church (O)
Unknown Unknown Jul 2, 1968 Washington, DC (USA) Lutheran Church... (A) Pamela Becker
Stephen Lloyd Jan 29, 1960 Washington, DC (USA) Lutheran Church Agency (M) Susan Lloyd
Stephen Lloyd Jan 29, 1960 Washington, DC (USA) Lutheran Church Agency (M) Susan Lloyd
Judy Richter Apr 13, 1968 Fargo, ND (USA) Lutheran Church Or... (O) Suzanne Laspina
Michael Morgan Feb 12, 1958 Toledo, OH (USA) Lutheran Church... (M) Jo Morgan
William Laird Nov 27, 1984 El Paso, TX (USA) Lutheran Community... (A) Billy Laird
Patricia Ryan Oct 19, 1951 Brooklyn, NY (USA) Lutheran Community... (A) Susan Clements
Christine Schoener Apr 13, 1965 Queens, NY (USA) Lutheran Community... (A) Christa Ulich
Jan 5, 1987 Brooklyn, NY (USA) Lutheran Community... (A)
Feb 7, 1970 Spokane , WA (USA) Lutheran Community... (A) Kimberly Vanovereem
May 20, 1971 Seattle, WA (USA) Lutheran Community... (A) Christopher Barnes
Oct 13, 1967 Milwaukee, WI (USA) Lutheran Counseling... (A) Mary Holtz
Heller Jul 27, 1982 Munster, IN (USA) Lutheran Fam S (M) Alison Heller-walsra
Was Not Given A Name... Aug 1968 Denver, CO (USA) Lutheran Families? (O)
Pohlman Mar 3, 1960 Denver, CO (USA) Lutheran Familiy... (A) Rita Moerer
  Unknown Seattle (USA) Lutheran Family (M) Signe Stone
Jun 26, 1982 Denver, CO Lutheran Family (A) Chris Peay
Robyn Fleming Sep 29, 1974 Calumet Park, IL (USA) Lutheran Family (A)
Brown Mar 23, 1978 St.louis, MO (USA) Lutheran Family (A) Thomas Black
Elizabeth Franke Jan 26, 1981 Lincoln, NE (USA) Lutheran Family (A) Elizabeth Franke
Cheri Wachholz Apr 17, 1973 Hamilton, OH (USA) Lutheran Family (A) Cheri Leonard
Mar 12, 1978 Euclid, OH (USA) Lutheran Family (A) Cherry
Jul 1972 Milwaukee, WI (USA) Lutheran Family (O) Heather Leissner
Shonae Doremus Mar 30, 1972 Lincoln, NE (USA) Lutheran Family ... (A)
Aug 30, 1969 Tacoma (USA) Lutheran Family &... (A) Michelle Ruble
Michelle Smith May 27, 1973 Spokane, WA (USA) Lutheran Family &... (A)
Unk Unk Oct 7, 1967 Seattle, WA (USA) Lutheran Family &... (A) Tammie Ray
David Whitlock Jan 29, 1971 Seattle, WA (USA) Lutheran Family &... (A)
Bonnie Unknown Apr 19, 1958 Seattle, WA (USA) Lutheran Family &... (A) Boni Cherelle-caruth
Steven Olson Nov 21, 1964 Seattle, WA (USA) Lutheran Family &... (A) Steven Olson
Oct 8, 1965 Seattle, WA (USA) Lutheran Family &... (A) Colleen...
Apr 19, 1969 Spokane, WA (USA) Lutheran Family &... (A) Joseph Hubbard

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