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Search Results Birth and Adoption Records A - Adoptee, M - Birthmother,
F - Birthfather, O - Other
Adoptee NameBirthdateBirthplaceAgency/AttorneySubmitted by
Vicki Maddix Jul 10, 1971 Battle Creek, MI (USA) Family Children... (M) Mary Maddix-correll
Nov 11, 1979 Flint, MI (USA) Family Children... (A) Kristen Haywood
Nov 29, 1969 St. Louis, MO (USA) Family Children... (A) Holly Honig (maiden)
Cynthia Jul 6, 1965 Tulsa, OK (USA) Family Children... (A) Kim Prather
Aug 10, 1950 Pittsburgh, PA (USA) Family Children... (A) Robert Shuty
Candice Putnum May 29, 1987 Baltimore, MD (USA) Family Children... (A)
Theresa Nov 14, 1966 Dayton, OH (USA) Family Children's &... (A) Jana Monteith
Aug 1967 St.petersburg, FL... Family Children's... (M) Martha Mcdougal
May 20, 1965 Louisville, KY (USA) Family Childrens... (A) Lisa Payton
Amy Anderson Dec 17, 1969 Mishawaka, IN (USA) Family Childrens... (A)
Jul 16, 1970 Ithaca, NY (USA) Family Childrens... (A)
Daniel Williams Oct 17, 1957 St. Louis, MO (USA) Family Childrens... (A) Harry Sigg Iii
Bonnie Cook Sep 4, 1964 St. Petersburg, FL... Family Childrens... (A)
Tabitha Crain Jan 17, 1978 Vicksburg, MI (USA) Family Childrens... (M) Cynthia Crain
Carmalita? Mar 5, 1958 Buffalo, NY (USA) Family Childrens... (A) Amanda Flood
Mar 18, 1947 Columbus, OH (USA) Family Childrens... (A) Richard Patton
 Phyllis Kaye Oct 18, 1960 Bridgeport, CT (USA) Family Childrens... (A) Bonnie Lincoln
Amy Godwin Sep 2, 1972 Nashville, TN (USA) Family Childrens Svcs (A) Cherie Waters
Samuel Ruiz May 5 Flagstaff, AZ (USA) Family Christian Care (O)
Baby Girl Hardy 1983 Detroit, MI (USA) Family Christian... (M) Susan Hardy
Jun 14, 1986 Minot, ND (USA) Family Christian... (A) Sarah Fredrikson
Eric? Randle May 4, 1976 Lubbock, TX (USA) Family Christians... (A) Eric Randle
Kenny Reynolds May 13, 1986 Temple, TX (USA) Family Connection (M) Christy Reynolds
Yoo Ja Jul 24, 1986 Pusan (Korea) Family Connections (A) Hannah Boyack
David Ellefson Dec 22, 1973 Waukanda, IL (USA) Family Counceling Of... (A)
Stephen Miller Sep 19, 1977 Mchenry, IL (USA) Family Counciling... (M) Karen Austin
Lindsay Jul 9, 1985 Highland Park, IL... Family Counciling... (A) Lindsay Watt
Sean Tenuta Dec 10, 1983 Elmwood Park, IL (USA) Family Counseling (M) Bonnie Chamberlain
Sara Bettinger Apr 20, 1985 Waco, TX (USA) Family Counseling (A) Sara Bettinger-gunter
Leigh Berry Dec 30, 1967 Waco, TX Family Counseling &... (A)
Tabitha Kelley Aug 11, 1975 Adrian, MI (USA) Family Counseling And... (M) Toni Kelley
Apr 3, 1971 MI Family Counseling And... (A) Christal Lykins
Jessica Kruse Dec 21, 1980 Groveport, OH (USA) Family Counseling And... (A)
Jessica Raikes Jun 27, 1982 Columbus, OH (USA) Family Counseling And... (A) Alexis Cooper
Jessica Mcfadden Jun 27, 1982 Columbus, OH (USA) Family Counseling And... (A) Alexis Cooper
Infant Girl Moore Aug 22, 1976 Columbus, OH (USA) Family Counseling And... (F) Edward Ohanian
Janet Higginbotham Apr 30, 1979 Waukgan, IL (USA) Family Counseling... (M) Janet Higginbotham
Apr 8, 1974 Waukegan, IL (USA) Family Counseling... (M) Kathleen Beck
Baby Boy Duncan Jun 9, 1976 Woodstock, IL (USA) Family Counseling... (A) Michael Wood
Jul 10, 1978 Wildwood, IL (USA) Family Counseling... (F) Tim Sutton
Jul 10, 1978 IL (USA) Family Counseling... (A)
Jul 31, 1979 Waukegan, IL (USA) Family Counseling... (A) Adinah P.
Jason Loftus Sep 30, 1979 Addison, IL (USA) Family Counseling... (M) Marilyn Loftus...
Tina Kosrow Dec 4, 1979 Cary, IL (USA) Family Counseling... (A) Dana Goldberg
Lindsay Jul 9, 1985 IL (USA) Family Counseling... (M) Kelly Fletcher
Jan 18, 1986 Elgin, IL (USA) Family Counseling... (A) Mackenzie Russell
Nicole Robinson Jun 21, 1987 Chicago, IL (USA) Family Counseling... (M) Gail Robinson
Alisha Drake Mar 22, 1988 Lake Forest, IL (USA) Family Counseling... (A) Kristen
Sep 8, 1975 Park Ridge , IL (USA) Family Counseling... (A) Rebecca Thompson
Dec 29, 1975 Elgin, IL (USA) Family Counseling... (A) Tim Lackey

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