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Search Results Birth and Adoption Records A - Adoptee, M - Birthmother,
F - Birthfather, O - Other
Adoptee NameBirthdateBirthplaceAgency/AttorneySubmitted by
Phyllis De Long Aug 6, 1956 Salamanca (USA) Child Welfare (A) Phyllis Bartholomew
Patrick Larkin Jul 15, 1971 Durban (South Africa) Child Welfare (A) Anthony Stokes
Allen Radcliffe Mar 30, 1970 Edmonton, AB (Canada) Child Welfare (A) Darcy Posein
Carey... Aug 18, 1972 Edmonton, AB (Canada) Child Welfare (O) Cyndy Kathrein
Amanda Clark Sep 25, 1979 Edmonton, AB (Canada) Child Welfare (A) Helen Skriver
Nichole Ritchot Jul 27, 1987 AB (Canada) Child Welfare (M) Nadine Urquhart
Barbara Lee Aug 11, 1945 Little Rock, AR (USA) Child Welfare (A) Pamela Witcher
Deborah Trantham Nov 30, 1958 Little Rock, AR (USA) Child Welfare (A) Kathy Cranford
Beanblossom Mar 12, 1962 Fayettville, AR (USA) Child Welfare (A)
Rebecca Garnett Jul 23, 1967 AR (USA) Child Welfare (A) Rebecca Garnett
Doris Romero Oct 10, 1967 Phoenix, AZ (USA) Child Welfare (M) Roberta Oloughlin
Jane Edwards Feb 7, 1952 New Westminster, BC... Child Welfare (A) Jill Olson
Gordon Mooy Jun 10, 1980 Prince George, BC... Child Welfare (M) Kathleen Klima
Rosalina Sanchez Sep 22, 1982 San Francisco, CA... Child Welfare (A) Roslynne Sashe-seibert
Dont Know Jun 9, 1957 Colorado Springs, CO... Child Welfare (A) Sandra Wagner
Daniel Harris May 24, 1989 Pueblo, CO (USA) Child Welfare (A) Daniel Stouffer
Johnnie Jones Jun 25, 1966 Miami, FL (USA) Child Welfare (A) Johnnie Jones
Donna Wright Mar 19, 1958 Chicago, IL (USA) Child Welfare (A)
Mason Jul 3, 1962 IN (USA) Child Welfare (O) Alene Blaylock (mason)
Dec 4, 1970 Muncie, IN (USA) Child Welfare (A) Lesia Blair
Nicole Childress Dec 20, 1970 N/a, IN (USA) Child Welfare (A)
Dec 16, 1971 Indianapolis Or Beech... Child Welfare (A) Aaron Pearlman
May 13, 1976 Evansville, IN (USA) Child Welfare (M) Cheryl Fieth
May 13, 1976 Evansville, IN Child Welfare (M) Cheryl Fieth
Dianne Evans Dec 2, 1964 Lake Charles, LA (USA) Child Welfare (A) Julie Rosteet -...
Crystal Rudy Oct 1988 MA (USA) Child Welfare (F) Daniel Rudy
Melaine Apr 4, 1967 Hagerstown, MD (USA) Child Welfare (A) Melissa Stuck
Victoria Mccoy May 4, 1968 NC (USA) Child Welfare (A) Victoria Jennings
Diane C Nov 11, 1964 Trenton, NJ (USA) Child Welfare (A)
Chris May 18, 1964 Socorro, NM (USA) Child Welfare (A)
Angela Grider Oct 21, 1976 Reno, NV (USA) Child Welfare (M) Teresa Girder
Matthew Mashburn Aug 5, 1988 Las Vegas, NV (USA) Child Welfare (O) Danelle Willis
David Waters Aug 4, 1957 Buffalo, NY (USA) Child Welfare (O) Maria Whitney
Unknown Unknown Oct 25, 1981 Batavia, NY (USA) Child Welfare (A) Christina Lynn Fitch...
Clive Girdwood Dec 26, 1969 Toronto, ON (Canada) Child Welfare (A)
Kathylynn Grabe Dec 1968 Pittsburgh, PA (USA) Child Welfare (O) Betty Rodgers
Joseph Pifer Apr 10, 1970 Winder, PA (USA) Child Welfare (A) Joseph Conn
Cindy Day Jul 30, 1970 Pittsburgh, PA (USA) Child Welfare (A) Susan Moffitt
Georgia Yoder Mar 15, 1972 Norristown, PA (USA) Child Welfare (A) Beth Miller/eldridge
Michael Brown Jul 1, 1977 Mckeesport, PA (USA) Child Welfare (M) Cynthia...
Taraceda Guest Apr 14, 1981 Providence, RI (USA) Child Welfare (M) Shirley Guest
Lois Dec 31, 1946 Columbia, SC (USA) Child Welfare (A)
Unknown Galveston, TX (USA) Child Welfare (M) Catherine Allison
Tommy May 7, 1977 Lubbock, TX (USA) Child Welfare (O)
Yasmin Lang Nov 18, 1954 Sydney, UN (Australia) Child Welfare (A)
Joan Loewenberg Sep 12, 1958 Johannesburg, UN... Child Welfare (A) Sue Firkser
Caroline Searle Dec 17, 1969 Johannesburg, UN... Child Welfare (A) Meryl Turner
Bella Nunes Aug 21, 1971 Pretoria, UN (South... Child Welfare (A) Bella Blaauw
Bella Nunes Aug 21, 1971 Pretoria, UN (South... Child Welfare (A) Bella Blaauw
Bella Nunes Aug 21, 1971 Pretoria, UN (South... Child Welfare (A) Bella Blaauw

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