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Search Results Birth and Adoption Records A - Adoptee, M - Birthmother,
F - Birthfather, O - Other
Adoptee NameBirthdateBirthplaceAgency/AttorneySubmitted by
Shimayne Montano Nov 16, 1978 Las Vegas, NV (USA) Child Haven (M) Robin Montano Emery
Erica Graham Jun 27, 1985 Jermyn, PA (USA) Child Haven Of Ne Pa (M) Tika Graham (at Time...
Eileen Diaz Jan 19, 1986 Brooklyn, NY (USA) Child Home... (A) Eileen Castillo
  Unknown WA (USA) Child Pertective... (M) Allysia Kendall
Aug 5, 1988 Louisville, KY (USA) Child Place (M) Ardeth (sheppard)...
Jennifer Jan 15, 1992 KY (USA) Child Place (A) Joanna Friend
Shawn Dec 29, 1989 MO (USA) Child Placement (O) Jonica Camburn
Shawn Dec 29, 1989 MO (USA) Child Placement (O) Jonica Camburn
Oct 10, 1965 DC (USA) Child Placement... (O) Cindye
Kody Kolar Feb 3, 1981 Temple, TX (USA) Child Placement Center (A) Kody Kolar
Feb 10, 1982 TX (USA) Child Placement Center (A) Shelley Beckett
Shelley Feb 10, 1982 Killeen, TX (USA) Child Placement Center (A)
Feb 10, 1982 Temple, TX (USA) Child Placement Center (A) Shelley Beckett
Oct 27, 1983 TX (USA) Child Placement Center (A) Kameron Kenny
Michael Jun 30, 1986 Fort Hood, TX (USA) Child Placement Center (M) Lisa Brown
Jun 30, 1987 TX (USA) Child Placement Center (O) Carolyn Breuer
Simone Berry Feb 11, 1988 Dallas, TX (USA) Child Placement Center (A) Simone Berry
Hudson Mar 1988 Killeen, TX (USA) Child Placement Center (O)
Dominique Hudson Mar 27, 1988 Killeen, TX (USA) Child Placement Center (O) Ossha Warren
Jun 4, 1988 Beaumont, TX (USA) Child Placement Center (A) Amira Rose Schroeder
Thomas Jun 27, 1988 Killeen, TX (USA) Child Placement Center (A)
Tiffany Gregory Jul 25, 1988 Temple, TX (USA) Child Placement Center (M) Cheryl Martinez - Lauw
Emily Wolbrecht Mar 9, 1983 Temple, TX (USA) Child Placement... (A) Emily Swift
Gregory Starks Apr 11, 1984 Temple, TX (USA) Child Placement... (A) Gregory Starks
Apr 8, 1986 Bryan, TX (USA) Child Placement... (A) Lindsey Hunt
Kyong Park Aug 9, 1966 Seoul (Korea) Child Placement... (A) Elizabeth...
Jul 7, 1985 Independence , MO... Child Placement... (A) Melissa Eilers
Madonna Canterbury Feb 4, 1979 Independence, MO (USA) Child Placement... (M) Alice King
Feb 24, 1981 Independence, MO Child Placement... (A) Tracy Carner
Jeanna Smith Nov 17, 1984 Independence, MO (USA) Child Placement... (A) Jeanna Smith
Shawn Dec 29, 1989 Kansas City, MO (USA) Child Placement... (M) Rhonda Johnston
John Gifford Mar 9, 1946 New York, NY (USA) Child Placing And... (A) Peter Elliott
Bronson Bailey Apr 18, 1984 Dallas, TX (USA) Child Placment... (O)
Desiree Bernal Feb 19, 1989 Las Vegas, NV (USA) Child Proctive... (M) Alice Coppinger
Baby Boy Shaul Nov 25, 1962 San Diego, CA (USA) Child Protection (O) Jacqueline Griffith
Ruth Whalen Dec 16, 1963 Lockport, NY (USA) Child Protection (A)
Charles Curry Sep 24, 1977 Indianapolis, IN... Child Protection... (M) Cynthia Curry
Nubia Pineda Feb 28, 1987 New Orleans, LA (USA) Child Protection... (M)
John Jones Nov 9, 1977 Enterprise, AL (USA) Child Protection... (O) Tommie Harris
Adora Martus Sep 17 Buffalo, NY (USA) Child Protection... (M)
Adora Martus Sep 17 Buffalo, NY (USA) Child Protection... (M) Helen Martus
Jill Maacks Oct 3, 1971 Lockport, NY (USA) Child Protection... (O) Melanie Krell
Sarah Doran Nov 28, 1989 Riverside , CA (USA) Child Protection... (M)
Brandi Boze Dec 22, 1970 Anderson, IN (USA) Child Protection... (A) Brandi Marshall
Nicholas Cucinella Aug 11, 1960 Detriot, MI (USA) Child Protection... (A)
Sophia Gotham Jul 12, 1978 Temple Texas, TX (USA) Child Protection... (A) Sophia Hopping
Ian Anderson Dec 20, 1988 Vancouver, WA (USA) Child Protection... (O) Jamie Anderson
Bonnie Hornsby Aug 17, 1988 Cincinnati, OH (USA) Child Protective... (M) Mary Smith
Melvin? Lollis 1959 USA Child Protective... (O) Terri
James Koontz Jan 4 Phoenix, AZ (USA) Child Protective... (M) Lisa Demarest

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