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Search Results Birth and Adoption Records A - Adoptee, M - Birthmother,
F - Birthfather, O - Other
Adoptee NameBirthdateBirthplaceSubmitted by
Vickie Varela Unknown (M) Vickie Varela
Vicki Varenhorst Nov 10, 1972 Ludington, MI (USA) (O) Vicki Varenhorst
 Asilynne Varga Unknown Carollton, TX (USA) (O)
Asilynne Varga Jun 21, 1979 Carrollton, TX (USA) (A) Asilynne Varga
Barbara Varga Mar 11, 1948 Detroit, MI (USA) (A) Barbara Varga
Jacqueline Varga Jul 13, 1966 Wilmington, DE (USA) (A)
Jacqueline Varga Jul 13, 1966 Hagerstown, MD (A) Jacqueline Varga
Marie Varga Jun 9, 1964 Trenton , NJ (USA) (O) Marie
Nancy Varga Nov 24, 1970 Ananheim, CA (USA) (M) Nancy Varga
Tina Varga Unknown (O) Tina Varga
Teresa Vargas Unknown Bogota, Colombia (USA) (A) Sarah Mcgrew
Alexis Vargas 1985 Somerville, NJ (USA) (F) William Borke
Angela Vargas Jun 6, 1968 San Francisco, CA (USA) (O)
Anthony Vargas Nov 9, 1968 Long Branch, NJ (USA) (A) Anthony Padden
Brian Vargas Sep 5, 1975 San Francisco, CA (USA) (M) Carmen Shimomura
Carla Vargas Mar 30, 1954 San Francisco, CA (USA) (A) Marjorie Hochberg
Deedrea Vargas Aug 12, 1981 Denison, TX (USA) (M) Deedrea Vargas
Eduardo Vargas Sep 5, 1975 Sanfrancisco, CA (USA) (A) Brian Blevins
Elsa Vargas Aug 18, 1983 Bogota, UN (Colombia) (A) Annemarie T
Enrique Vargas Oct 31 Bronx, NY (USA) (O)
Gorgy Vargas Dec 2, 1967 Miami, AZ (A) Gorgy Vargas
Hope Vargas Dec 11, 1972 Kansas City, KS (USA) (O) Linda
James Vargas Apr 22, 1976 Truckee, CA (USA) (A) James Browning
Jamie Vargas Apr 9, 1965 Columbus Ohio, OH (O) Jamie Vargas
Jennifer Vargas Feb 5, 1972 Monterey - San Jose (bay... (O) Jennifer Vargas
John Vargas Unknown Chicago (USA) (O) John Vargas
Lisa Vargas Jul 29, 1964 New Hope, PA (USA) (O) Lisa Vargas
Lois Vargas Dec 6, 1943 Chicago, IL (A) Lois Vargas
Maria Vargas Jul 8, 1967 (F) Maria Vargas
Marisol Vargas Jan 22, 1982 (M) Marisol Vargas
Nicholas Vargas May 10, 1980 Long Beach, CA (USA) (A) Nicholas Vargas
Peggy Vargas Oct 28, 1929 Lubock, TX (O) Peggy Vargas
Vincent Vargas May 7, 1965 Kansas City, MO (USA) (O) Christina Vagai
Rosaura Vargas Guerrero Sep 3, 1971 San Jose (Costa Rica) (A) Nianna French
Deborah Vargason Jan 14, 1957 Flint, MI (USA) (A) Deborah Myrand
Brian Vargecko Apr 17, 1968 Orlando, FL (USA) (A) Brian Vargecko
Siju Varghese Feb 1, 1980 Kerala, UN (India) (O)
Debra Vargo Dec 17, 1962 Tampa, FL (Manatee) (O) Debra Vargo
Linda Vargo Mar 14, 1969 Cleveland, OH (USA) (A) Linda Vargo
Michelle Vargo Feb 23, 1970 Erie, PA (USA) (A) Michelle Carlson
Stephen Vargo Aug 26, 1948 New Haven, IL (A) Stephen Vargo
Stephen Vargo Aug 26, 1948 Chicago, IL (USA) (A) Stephen Vargo
Tricia Vargo Jan 3, 1972 Brighton, MI (USA) (A) Tricia Vargo
Tricia Vargo Jan 3, 1972 Brighton, MI (USA) (A) Tricia Vargo
Gloria Vargus May 15, 1978 Armenia, UN (Colombia) (A) Amanda Hines
Catherine Varilly Nov 19, 1958 Westfield, MA (A) Catherine Varilly
Nikki Varin May 25, 1978 Salem, OR (USA) (A) Nikki Wetzel
Frederick Varker Jan 24, 1969 New York, NY (USA) (A)
Heidi Varland Mar 16, 1978 Braidwood, IL (A) Heidi Varland
Anita Varley Unknown USA (O) Amy-lea Wanless

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