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Search Results Birth and Adoption Records A - Adoptee, M - Birthmother,
F - Birthfather, O - Other
Adoptee NameBirthdateBirthplaceSubmitted by
Joshua Inman Apr 1987 Bartlesville, OK (USA) (M) Teri Shrum
Juanita Inman May 15, 1984 Las Vegas, NV (USA) (A) Victoria Merrill
Juanita Inman May 15, 1984 Las Vegas, NV (USA) (A) Victoria Merrill
Juretta Inman Sep 15, 1972 San Antonio, TX (USA) (A) Juretta Inman
Katherine Inman May 18, 1971 Chicago, IL (USA) (A) Katherine Vanderwerf
Nancy Inman Nov 11, 1979 (M) Nancy Inman
Robert Inman Mar 26, 1971 New Orleans, LA (USA) (A) Robert Inman
Shirley Inman May 2, 1944 Fairfield, IL (USA) (A) Shirley Inman
Valerie Inman Jan 3, 1970 Honolulu, HI (USA) (A) Valerie Inman
Laura Inmon Sep 7, 1967 (A) Laura Inmon
Laurie Innanen Aug 4, 1965 Orlando, FL (USA) (A) Laurie Innanen
Bonnie Innes Jan 12, 1964 CA (A) Bonnie Innes
Keri Innes May 11, 1979 Grand Rapids, MI (USA) (A) Keri Innes
Michael Innes Oct 23, 1970 Regina, CA-SK (Canada) (A) Michael S.
Patricia Innes Aug 1, 1959 Buckie Scotland, UN... (A) Patricia Brennan / ? Innes
William Inns May 4, 1970 Washington Dc, DC (USA) (A)
Emily Inoue Sep 29, 1980 Honolulu, HI (USA) (A) Emily Inoue
Emily Inoue Sep 29, 1980 HI (USA) (O) Rosalind Shapiro
Lawrence Insalaco Feb 16, 1974 (O) Lawrence Insalaco
 Philip Insalaco Jun 16, 1955 NY (USA) (A)
Insch May 20, 1960 La Jolla, CA (USA) (A) Gary Insch
Michael Inscoe Nov 19, 1965 VA (USA) (A) Michael Green
Terry Inscoe Jun 13, 1967 DC (USA) (A)
Virginia Inscore Mar 2, 1920 Saltville, VA (USA) (O) Virginia Inscore
John Inselman Mar 10, 1969 Fresno, CA (USA) (A) John Inselman
Rochelle Inselman Feb 8, 1973, MN (A) Rochelle Inselman
 Craig Inserillo May 12, 1976 Smithtown, NY (USA) (A) Craig Inserillo
Antonella Inserra Mar 24, 1985 Bay Shore, NY (USA) (A) Antonella Inserra
Luis Insignares May 3, 1951 (F) Luis Insignares
Margaret Insinger May 17, 1968 Norwalk, CT (USA) (M) Margaret Insinger
Charles Inskeep Feb 15, 1938 CA (A) Charles Inskeep
Kay Inskeep Jun 17, 1964 Columbus, OH (USA) (A)
Paulette Inskeep Feb 23, 1949 Paragould, AR (M) Paulette Inskeep
Barbara Insley May 31 Elkton, MD (USA) (M) Barbara Insley
Barbara Insley May 31 Elkton, MD (USA) (M) Barbara Insley
Kathey Insley Sep 24, 1976 (O) Kathey Insley
 Mary Insolia Mar 13, 1971 Terrytown, NY (USA) (M) Elaine Williams (insolia)
Kimberly Instant Sep 10, 1969 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia... (A) Kimberly Instant
Scott Instine Oct 15, 1970 Cincinnati, Ohio, OH (A) Scott Instine
Cathleen Intermill Nov 17, 1965 Bellvue, WA (USA) (A) Cathleen Intermill
Joann Intorcia May 29, 1957 Brooklyn, NY (USA) (A) Joann Giardini
Catherine Inzalaco Jul 27, 1985 Harrisburg, PA (USA) (M) Rosemary Inzalaco Wall
Suzanne Inzana Feb 14, 1973 Rochester, NY (USA) (A) Suzanne Inzana
Suzanne Inzana Feb 14, 1973 NY (A) Suzanne Inzana
Tiara Inzar Taylor Jun 30 Newark, NJ (USA) (A)
Lauren Inzer Feb 25, 1981 (A) Lauren Inzer
Debra Ann Inzerillo Apr 1959 Boston, MA (USA) (A)
Inzina Jan 30, 1968 Miami-dade, FL (USA) (A) Barbara Van Natta
Inzina Jan 30, 1968 Miami-dade, FL (USA) (A) Barbara Van Natta
05/30/1970 Iodice Jun 1970, NY (USA) (F) Wilson Naranjo

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