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Search Results Birth and Adoption Records A - Adoptee, M - Birthmother,
F - Birthfather, O - Other
Adoptee NameBirthdateBirthplaceSubmitted by
Katrina Harvey Jan 27, 1984 (A) Katrina Harvey
Kimberly Harvey Nov 15, 1978 East Point, GA (USA) (A) Kimberly Harvey
Kristen Harvey Jun 14, 1968 London Ontario, Ontario... (O) Kristen Harvey
Kristina Harvey May 4, 1983 Las Vegas, NV (USA) (A) Kristina Harvey
Kathryn Harvie Jan 31, 1966 Tacoma, WA (USA) (A) Kathryn Campbell
Karl Hasenoehrl Jun 6, 1968 Salt Lake City, UT (USA) (A) Karl Hasenoehrl
Kerri Hass Jan 28, 1968 NV (A) Kerri Hass
Kathleen Hasselbert Apr 19, 1960 Santa Barbara, CA (USA) (A) Kathleen Hasselbert
Keyana Hassell Jun 14, 1993 Virginia Beach, VA (USA) (M) Keyan Hassell - Joseph
Kristin Hassler Jun 11, 1974 Portland, OR (A) Kristin Hassler
Kelly Hastings Aug 27, 1980 Worcester, MA (USA) (O) Courtney
Kimberly Hastings Unknown (O) Kimberly Hastings
Karen Hatch Mar 15, 1965 Chicago, IL (USA) (A) Valerie Simpson/boyes
Karen Hatch Jun 11, 1982 Hamburg, NY (M) Karen Hatch
Kevin Hatch Nov 25, 1978 Binghamton, Ny (USA) (A) Kevin Hatch
Kevin Hatch Nov 25, 1978 (A) Kevin Hatch
Kimberly Hatcher Nov 10, 1986 Denton, TX (USA) (M)
Karen Hatchett May 24, 1958 Henderson (USA) (A) Karen Hatchett
Kara Hatfield Sep 23, 1973 Chamblee, GA (USA) (A)
Katherine Hatfield Jul 30, 1971 Sioux City, IA (USA) (A) Katherine Hatfield
Kimberly Hatfield Jun 11, 1962 Portland, OR (USA) (A) Kimberly Hatfield
Karen Hathaway Jan 17, 1978 (O) Karen Hathaway
Kelly Hatton Unknown Toronto, Ontario (O) Kelly Hatton
Kristina Hatton Feb 9, 1971 (A) Kristina Hatton
Kirsten Hatwell Oct 8, 1959 Sydney, UN (Australia) (A) Jane Pike
Karen Haubenstricker Apr 24, 1960 Lansing, MI (A) Karen Haubenstricker
Karin Hauge Oct 19, 1965 Fergus Falls, MN (A) Karin Hauge
Kari Haugen Dec 1, 1963 Minneapolis, MN (USA) (A)
Kari Haugen Dec 1, 1963 Minneapolis, MN (USA) (A)
Kristina Haugh Jun 17, 1989 Fullerton, CA (USA) (A) Kristina Haugh
Karl Haury Jun 14, 1984 TN (USA) (A) Karl Haury
Kari Hauser Sep 3, 1970 Springfield, PA (USA) (A) Kari Ingegno
Kathryn Hauser Aug 5, 1966 CA (M) Kathryn Hauser
Kristin Hauser Nov 5, 1975 Los Angeles, CA (USA) (A) Kristin Hauser
Kristin Hauser Nov 5, 1975 Los Angeles, CA (USA) (O) M Cowper
Karen Hausrath May 12, 1967 CA (A) Karen Hausrath
Kelli Hauth Nov 13, 1965 Deer Park, NY (USA) (M) Kelli Hauth
 Karen Havard Nov 15, 1971 Albany, MN (USA) (A)
Kathy Haven Jun 20, 1969 Syracuse, NY (A) Kathy Haven
Kirk Haverman Apr 24, 1961 Wilkesboro, NC (USA) (O)
Kara-may Haverstock Apr 16, 1972 Saskatoon, SASK (Canada) (A) Debbie Friesen
Kara-may Haverstock Apr 16, 1972 Saskatoon, SASK (Canada) (A) Debbie Friesen
Kim Havey Nov 9, 1978 Phoenix, AZ (M) Kim Havey
Kathleen Haviland Jun 9, 1955 Atlantic City, NJ (USA) (A)
Kathryn Haviland Aug 11, 1968 Rochester, NY (A) Kathryn Haviland
Karen Havnen Dec 29, 1957 OK (A) Karen Havnen
Kimberly Hawes Mar 10, 1970 Columbus, OH (USA) (A) Kimberly Robinson
Kimberly Hawes Mar 10, 1970 (A) Kimberly Hawes
Keith Hawk Sep 20, 1966 Allentown, PA (USA) (F) Keith Hawk
Katherine Hawkins Jan 7, 1972 Eden, NC (USA) (M) Katherine Hawkins

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