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Search Results Birth and Adoption Records A - Adoptee, M - Birthmother,
F - Birthfather, O - Other
Adoptee NameBirthdateBirthplaceSubmitted by
John Gelety Jun 9, 1974 (A) John Gelety
Jeffrey Geller Feb 20, 1969 Rochester, NY (USA) (A) Jeffrey Geller
Jennifer Geller Dec 1, 1967 FL (USA) (A) Jennifer Geller
Jonathan Geller Jun 11, 1972 Miami , FL (USA) (A)
Judith Geller May 10, 1949 Fresno, CA (USA) (A) Judith Geller
Judy Geneau Unknown (A) Judy Geneau
Jennifer Genova Mar 30, 1975 (A) Jennifer Genova
Jude Genovese Aug 7, 1966 Los Angeles, CA (USA) (A) Maria York-finn
Jeffrey Gentile Dec 12, 1977 Fort Lauderdale, FL (USA) (O)
Jacquelyn Gentry Oct 7, 1943 Bakersfield, CA (O) Jacquelyn Gentry
James Gentry Nov 15, 1982 Indianapolis, IN (USA) (O) James Gentry
Janie Gentry Oct 31, 1968 Minneapolis, MN (USA) (M) Janie Gentry
 Jessica Gentry Jul 20, 1965 New York, NY (USA) (A) Linda Vaccaro
John Gentry Oct 5, 1959 Biloxi, MS (USA) (A) Richard Nance
Justin Gentry Dec 30, 1957 Richfield, UT (F) Justin Gentry
Jason George Unknown (O) Jason George
Jeannette George Jul 4, 1953 Jacksonville, FL (A) Jeannette George
Jennifer George Dec 1, 1970 Garden City, MI (USA) (M) Sharee Baidas
Joann George Sep 21, 1964 CA (O) Joann George
John George Aug 24, 1955 (O) John George
John George Aug 24, 1955 (O) John George
Joseph George Nov 12, 1968 Hollywood, CA (USA) (A) Joseph George
Joshua George Apr 16, 1980 Santa Rosa, CA (USA) (M) Traci George (walker)
Jessica George Or Padilla Dec 13, 1973 Sullivan, IN (USA) (O) Pam Fellers
Jon Georis Mar 4, 1966 San Clemente, CA (USA) (F) Walter Georis
James Geppert Sep 10, 1966 Redondo Beach, CA (USA) (A) James Geppert
Judith Gerace Jun 25, 1947 Buffalo, NY (A) Judith Gerace
Joseph Geraci Jan 15, 1968 Granada Hills, CA (USA) (A) Joseph Geraci
Joseph Gerambio May 28, 1984 Woodstock, IL (USA) (F) Robert Gerambio
James Gerard Sep 24, 1960 St Louis, MO (A) James Gerard
Joseph Gerard Nov 30, 1956 (A) Joseph Gerard
Joseph Gerard Nov 30, 1956 Jackson Hgts, Ny, NY (A) Joseph Gerard
Joseph Gerard Feb 9, 1960 Siouxcity, IA (USA) (A)
Jaymes Gerard-black Mar 31, 1995 Tucson, AZ (USA) (M) Genevieve Gerard-lanning
Jason Gercek Dec 13, 1969 CA (USA) (A) David
Jacquelline Gergas/wagner Jul 29, 1987 IL (USA) (F) Bradley Wagner
Jo-nell Gerhard Dec 7, 1959 Honolulu, HI (USA) (A)
Joshua Gerick Aug 15, 1962 Chicago, IL (USA) (A) Joshua Gerick
Jessica Geringer Apr 28, 1975 (A) Jessica Geringer
Jeffrey Gerish Jul 11, 1967 Detroit, MI (USA) (A) Jeffrey Gerish
Jacqueline Gerlach Mar 6, 1959 Staten Island, NY (USA) (A) Carrie Parpard
Jacqueline Gerling Jan 7, 1966 Kansas City, MO (USA) (A) Jacqueline Gerling
Jacqueline Gerling Jan 7, 1966 Kansas City, MO (A) Jacqueline Gerling
Jeanne-marie Gerlinger Unknown Canada (O) Jeanne-marie Gerlinger
Jennifer Germain Oct 23, 1973 Tampa, FL (USA) (O) Jennifer Germain
Jean German Jan 3, 1969 Cleveland, OH (A) Jean German
Joni Germano Jan 8, 1970 Providence (USA) (A) Joni Germano
Joanne Germuga Feb 20, 1966 Salt Lake City, UT (USA) (A)
Juliana Gernetzke Jan 26, 1970 San Francisco (A) Juliana Gernetzke
Joseph Gerns Mar 10, 1926 (O) Joseph Gerns

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