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Search Results Birth and Adoption Records A - Adoptee, M - Birthmother,
F - Birthfather, O - Other
Adoptee NameBirthdateBirthplaceSubmitted by
Carrie Fleck Aug 11, 1975 Boise, ID (A) Carrie Fleck
Cyndi Fleck Feb 2, 1968 Cincinnatti, OH (USA) (A) Cyndi Fleck
Cynthia Fleck Feb 2, 1968 OH (USA) (A) Cynthia Fleck
Charles Fleer Nov 29, 1962 Palatka, FL (A) Charles Fleer
Carla Jo Fleisch Jul 25, 1968 Cincinatti, OH (USA) (O) Carla Jo Fleisch
Carolyn Fleischer Jan 22, 1958 Ventura, CA (USA) (A) Carolyn Fleischer
Cheri Fleischman Dec 2, 1970 Dekalb, IL (USA) (M) Cheri Fleischman
Cheryl Fleischmann Feb 5, 1956 Baltimore, MD (USA) (A)
Charles Fleisher Nov 8, 1960 Seattle, WA (USA) (A) Charles Fleisher
Catrina Fleming Feb 4, 1982 Newark, OH (USA) (O) Catrina Fleming
Clarence Fleming Oct 30, 1950 Stpetersburgh, FL (USA) (F) Clarence Fleming
Corrie-ann Fleming Apr 15, 1971 Providence, RI (USA) (A) Lynn
Catherine Fletcher Unknown (M) Catherine Fletcher
Christine Fletcher Jun 25, 1970 Tinley Park, IL (USA) (A) Christine Fletcher
Christy Fletcher Jun 25, 1970 Hazel Crest, IL (USA) (A) Christy Fletcher
Corene Fletcher Feb 23, 1984 (A) Corene Fletcher
Crystal Fling Aug 28, 1980 Torrance, CA (USA) (A) Breanne Pearce
Chandra Flint Mar 24, 1970 San Bernadino, CA (USA) (A) Chandra Flint
Cheyenne Flint Oct 13, 1993 Ogden, UT (USA) (F) Rob Johnson
Carol Flodin A/k/a Hartwick Jul 2, 1945 Chicago, IL (USA) (A)
Christopher Flohr May 3, 1966 Valley Stream, New York, NY (A) Christopher Flohr
Charles Flood Jan 2, 1953 Oklahoma City, OK (USA) (A)
Celest Flores Feb 19, 1989 Dallas, TX (USA) (A) Celest Flores
Connie Flores Apr 17, 1978 UN (Philippines) (A) Deborah Combee
Courtney Flores Unknown Riverside, CA (O) Courtney Flores
Celeste Florez Nov 30, 1969 Kansas City, KS (A) Celeste Florez
Cathy Flower Jul 7, 1967 Sydney, UN (Australia) (A)
Carol Flowers Oct 22, 1961 Denver, CO (A) Carol Flowers
Carol Flowers Oct 4, 1962 Toledo, OH (A) Carol Flowers
Cathy Flowers Unknown SC (A) Cathy Flowers
Charles Flowers Jun 21, 1962 FL (USA) (A) Charles Flowers
Christina Flowers Dec 13, 1983 Pittsburgh, PA (USA) (A) Christina Flowers
Christopher Flowers Jan 21, 1979 MO (USA) (O) Heather Milne
Cary Floyd Sep 1, 1958 Chicago, IL (USA) (A) Cary Floyd
Christine Floyd Nov 6, 1989 Anchorage, AK (USA) (M) Heather Floyd
Christopher Floyd Mar 20, 1989 Dallas, TX (USA) (A) Christopher Floyd
Crystal Floyd Oct 4, 1969 Salisbury, NC (USA) (A) Crystal Floyd
Crystal Floyd Oct 4, 1969 NC (USA) (A) Crystal Floyd
Crystal Floyd Oct 4, 1969 N/a (USA) (A) Crystal Floyd
Cynthia Floyd Sep 25, 1967 Las Vegas, NV (M) Cynthia Floyd
Cynthia Floyd Jun 30, 1969 Atlanta, GA (A) Cynthia Floyd
Chris Fluck Jun 2, 1984 Bethlehem, PA (USA) (F) Chris Fluck
Chris Fluck Jun 2, 1984 Bethlehem, PA (USA) (F) Chris Fluck
Candace Flynn Sep 26, 1970 Bryantpond, ME (O) Candace Flynn
Colleen Flynn Unknown (M) Colleen Flynn
Christine Fobbe Feb 3, 1964 Maple Lake, MN (USA) (M) Christine Fobbe
Christopher Fobes Nov 30, 1974 Athens Or Atlanta I... (A) Christopher Fobes
Carla Foerster Unknown USA (O) Sharon Sinclair
Carla Foerster Jul 18, 1964 (A) Carla Foerster
Cara Fogarty Dec 21, 1976 Torrance, CA (USA) (A) Cara Fogarty

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