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Search Results Birth and Adoption Records A - Adoptee, M - Birthmother,
F - Birthfather, O - Other
Adoptee NameBirthdateBirthplaceSubmitted by
Catherine May 30, 1968 (A) Andrea Hunnicutt
Catherine Nov 4, 1968 New Orleans, LA (USA) (A) Brenda Frederick
Catherine Nov 28, 1969 Bethlehem (Israel) (A) Susan Tyrrell
Catherine Oct 12, 1970 USA (A) Catherine Welp
Catherine Jan 19, 1971 San Antonio, TX (USA) (M) Charlotte Montgomery
Catherine Aug 16, 1971 New London, CT (USA) (A) Marsha Haider
 Catherine Feb 21, 1977 Toronto, ON (Canada) (F) Gary Gascoigne
Catherine Jun 16, 1977 Macon, GA (USA) (A) Lisa Sudduth
Catherine Jun 16, 1977 Macon, GA (USA) (A) Lisa Barany
Catherine Aug 1977 CT (USA) (A)
Catherine Feb 8, 1979 Salt Lake City, UT (USA) (A) Katie
Catherine Apr 13, 1979 New York City, NY (USA) (A) Catherine Ramos
Catherine Jul 28, 1980 Troy, NY (USA) (A) Megan Gela
Catherine Feb 14, 1984 Cebu, UN (Philippines) (A)
Catherine Nov 25, 1984 La Crosse, WI (USA) (A) Lindsey Vance
Catherine Mar 23, 1985 AL (USA) (A) Jennifer White
Catherine Apr 7, 1986 Newark, OH (USA) (A) Catherine Glynn
Catherine Apr 10, 1987 Ozark, AL (USA) (A) Catherine Swords
Catherine Jul 8, 1988 Memphis, TN (USA) (O) Ariah Popovich
Catherine Jul 8, 1988 Memphis, TN (USA) (A)
Catherine Sep 10, 1988 Bedford, TX (USA) (M) Sheri Kuehne
Catherine Nov 19, 1989 San Antonio, TX (USA) (A) Catherine
Catherine Sep 12, 1991 IL (USA) (A)
Catherine/katherineoconnor Jun 30, 1958 Kankakee, IL (USA) (A) Beth
Cathleen Jan 4, 1966 Houston, TX (USA) (A) Cagle
Cathleen Jan 4, 1966 Houston, TX (USA) (O) Cathleen
Cathleen Dec 3, 1971 Easton, MD (USA) (A)
Cathryn Jan 21, 1959 Queens, NY (USA) (A) Kathryn Catone
Cathy Unknown (O) Cathy
Cathy Nov 16, 1952 Vancouver, British... (O) Cathy
Cathy Feb 16, 1955 Corpus Christi, TX (USA) (O)
Cathy Jun 15, 1955 Pahokee, FL (USA) (A) Cathy Bowden
Cathy Nov 27, 1957 Joliet, IL (USA) (M)
Cathy Nov 30, 1959 USA (O) Valerie Peterson
Cathy Jul 1963 Yonkers, NY (USA) (F) John Weinbrenner
Cathy Jul 7, 1969 Easton, PA (USA) (A) Cathy
Cathy Nov 22, 1969 Goldsboro, NC (USA) (A) Kathie Davis
Cathy Oct 24, 1970 Binghamton, NY (USA) (A) Stacy Morey
Cathy Feb 10, 1971 Tulsa, OK (USA) (A) Angela Pearson
Cathy Apr 19, 1973 (O) Cathy
Cathy May 21, 1984 IL (O) Cathy
Cathy Sep 9, 1984 NY (USA) (A)
Cathy Or Kathy Nov 21, 1973 Sacramento, CA (USA) (A) Lisa Nielsen
Cathy? Oct 24, 1964 Quesnel, BC (Can) (A) Nikki
Cathy? Feb 6, 1967 Elmira, NY (USA) (A) Nancy Mulvey
Cathy? Feb 6, 1967 Elmira, NY (USA) (A) Nancy Forsyth
Cayleen Apr 4, 1978 Syracuse, NY (A) Cayleen
Cecile Jan 15, 1966 Lacrosse, WI (USA) (A) Noelle Rude
Cecilia Unknown CA (USA) (O) Dena Nosler
Cecilia 1951 Brooklyn, NY (USA) (O) Consuelo Dempsey

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