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Search Results Birth and Adoption Records A - Adoptee, M - Birthmother,
F - Birthfather, O - Other
Adoptee NameBirthdateBirthplaceSubmitted by
Barry Sherer Aug 7, 1965 CA (USA) (A) Barry Sherer
Barry Sherer Aug 7, 1965 CA (USA) (A) Barry Sherer
Bridget Sheridan Mar 14, 1969 New York, NY (USA) (A)
Baby Sherman Jan 17 Baton Rouge, LA (USA) (M)
Baby Boy Sherman Sep 23, 1968 Norfolk, VA (USA) (M) Karen Sherman
Baby Boy Sherman Sep 23, 1968 Norfolk, VA (USA) (M) Karen Sherman
Baby Girl Sherman Mar 1, 1954 Garden City, MI (USA) (A) Theo Donnithorne
Barbara Sherman Jun 29, 1949 Saratoga, NY (USA) (A)
Beth Sherman Jul 16, 1983 Woodbury, NJ (USA) (M) Beth Sherman
Bruce Sherman Unknown (A) Bruce Sherman
Beth Sherrard Feb 4, 1964 Seattle,, WA (USA) (A) Beth Sherrard
Baby Sherrill Mar 5, 1982 Nyssa, OR (USA) (A) Heather Burgess
Baby Sherrill May 21, 1991 Tulsa, OK (USA) (A) Luke Hendrick
Baby Sherritt Mar 1, 1970 Gresham, OR (USA) (M) Beatrice Sherritt
Bobbie Sherrod Jul 13, 1961 Bristol, FL (USA) (M) Bobbie Sherrod
Bobbie Sherrod Nov 3, 1979 (M) Bobbie Sherrod
Baby Sherry Apr 12, 1973 Beaufort, SC (USA) (A) Jennifer West
 Baby Girl Sherwood Feb 1988 Columbia, MO (USA) (F) Patrick Sherwood
Baby Shetrone Jul 18, 1960 Jonesboro, AR (USA) (A) Susan Cooley
Baby Shetrone Jul 18, 1960 Jonesboro, AR (USA) (A) Susan Cooley
Baby Shetrone Jul 18, 1960 Jonesboro, AR (USA) (A) Susan Cooley
Baby Shields Aug 26, 1960 Ft.worth, TX (USA) (A) Wayne Moffitt
Baby Girl Shields Sep 21, 1967 Albuquerque, NM (USA) (A)
Brian Shields May 1966 Chicago, IL (USA) (M) Susan Shields
Byron Shier Jun 21, 1968 New Westminister, BC... (O) Sabrina Parsons
Baby Shillinger Mar 19, 1969 Long Beach, CA (USA) (A) Danielle Balint
Brice Shiltz Nov 19, 1986 Akron, OH (USA) (M) Lois Shiltz
Bradley Shimmin Mar 17, 1966 Westminster, CA (USA) (A)
Beth Shinkman Feb 22, 1962 New York, NY (USA) (A)
Bryan Shipenberg Aug 20, 1968 Brooklyn, NY (USA) (A) Bryan Shipenberg
Billy Shipley Oct 17, 1975 Houston, TX (USA) (A) William Russell
Baby Shirley Nov 20, 1962 NC (USA) (A)
Baby Boy Shiroishi Feb 22, 1969 Spokane, WA (USA) (O)
Bryan Shively Mar 2, 1978 (A) Bryan Shively
Brenda Shives Jun 24, 1961 Altoona, PA (USA) (A) Brenda Myers
Baby Shob, Schob, Or Shobb... Nov 8, 1947 St. Louis, MO (USA) (A)
Brad Shockley Dec 7, 1971 (A) Brad Shockley
Brian Shoehorn Unknown (O) Brian Shoehorn
Baby Shoemaker Dec 8, 1955 San Antonio, TX (USA) (A) Joylynn Hanson
Brenda Shoffner Aug 24, 1964 Mather Afb, CA (A) Brenda Shoffner
Betty Sholder May 22, 1959 Dunlap, TN (USA) (A) B. Lusk
Brittany Shore Apr 8, 1982 Fresno, CA (USA) (A) Brittany Leslie
Baby Short Feb 9, 1950 St. Helens, OR (USA) (A) Victoria Crosta
Bobbie ?? Short ?? Sep 12, 1973 Chicago, IL (USA) (A)
Bernadette Shortt Mar 29, 1977 Melfort, Saskatchewan... (O) Bernadette Shortt
Beverly Shostak Unknown MI (A) Beverly Shostak
Beverly Shostak Feb 14, 1952 Detroit, MI (USA) (A) Beverly Shostak
Bradley Shotts Oct 8, 1966 San Antonio, TX (USA) (A)
Baby Shoupe Apr 9, 1942 Steubenville, OH (USA) (O) Felicia Beck
Barbara Shreve Unknown NY (O) Barbara Shreve

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