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Search Results Birth and Adoption Records A - Adoptee, M - Birthmother,
F - Birthfather, O - Other
Adoptee NameBirthdateBirthplaceSubmitted by
Baby Boy Shaul Nov 25, 1962 San Diego, CA (USA) (O) Jacqueline Griffith
Baines Shauna May 30, 1983 Fortworth, TX (A) Baines Shauna
Bobbie Shaver Sep 21, 1953 Canyonville, OR (USA) (A) Barbara Ross
Brett Shavers Jun 3, 1980 El Paso, TX (A) Brett Shavers
Baby Shaw Jul 2, 1957 La Habra, CA (USA) (A) Sally Bray
Baby Shaw Jan 16, 1962 El Paso, TX (USA) (M) Terry Shaw
Baby Shaw Jul 5, 1963 Pasadena, TX (USA) (A) Mary Cowart
Baby Shaw Aug 24, 1981 Orlando, FL (USA) (O) Joann Akers
Blanche Shaw Oct 1, 1938 (M) Blanche Shaw
Brenda Shaw Jun 8, 1978 Riverdale, GA (M) Brenda Shaw
Brian Shaw Jan 14, 1980 UT (USA) (A) Brian Shaw
Briana Shaw Sep Dallas, TX (USA) (M) Shontasha Shaw
Brownor Shaw Jul 1974 Cincinnati, OH (USA) (A) Robyn Shaw
Bradley Shawn Feb 10, 1976 El Dorado, KS (O) Bradley Shawn
Bernagene Shay Jan 30, 1983 Grand Junction, CO (USA) (M) Bernagene Shay
Bonnie Or Donna Shea Unknown Frankfort (Germany) (O) Bonnie Or Donna Shea
Brigit Shea Jun 30, 1968 Chelmsford, MA (O) Brigit Shea
Britta Shea Mar 29, 1984 (A) Britta Shea
Beverly Shearstone Aug 21, 1970 Monmouth Beach, NJ (USA) (M) Beverly Shearstone
Beverly Shearstone Aug 21, 1970 Monmouth Beach, NJ (USA) (M) Beverly Shearstone
Beverly Shed Jan 19, 1964 Buffalo, NY (USA) (M) Barbara Shed
Baby Kathleen Sheehan Jun 25, 1957 Heidelberg (Germany) (A) Baby Kathleen Sheehan
Bernice Sheehan Jul 12, 1954 Pittsburgh, PA (USA) (A) Tammyjo Henk
Barbara Sheets Jun 19, 1944 Utica , NY (USA) (O) Beatrice Sheets
Bernice Sheets Jun 9, 1964 Pittsburgh, PA (USA) (A) Kris Harpster
Bernice Sheets Jun 9, 1964 PA (USA) (A)
Brett Sheets Jun 28, 1967 Columbia City, IN (A) Brett Sheets
Brittney Sheets Sep 7, 1987 Columbia City, IN (USA) (M) Melissa Stidams
Barbara Sheets Or Morgan Unknown NY (USA) (O) Heather Sanchez
Benny Sheffler Aug 13, 1966 Rock Island, IL (O) Benny Sheffler
Baby Jane Shefty Jan 26, 1971 San Francisco, CA (USA) (A) Kellyann Scalise
Boy Sheldon Aug 30, 1976 Wpb, FL (USA) (M) Nancy Sheldon
Bradley Sheldon Sep 20, 1972 NJ (USA) (A) Bradley Sheldon
Brian Sheldon Oct 14 CA (USA) (O) April Barber-thomas
Baby Shelton Apr 22, 1969 Chicago, IL (USA) (A)
Barbara Shelton Oct 25, 1938 Brisbane, UN (Australia) (O) Diane Fraser
Billy Shelton Feb 16, 1972 CA (USA) (A) Billy Shelton
Brenda Shelton Jan 29, 1967 Winston-salem, NC (USA) (A) Brenda Shelton
Brenda Shelton Jan 29, 1967 Winston-salem (USA) (A) Brenda Shelton
Bryan Shelton Jan 21, 1974 TX (USA) (A)
Baby Girl Shenkin Apr 8, 1968 Brooklyn, NY (USA) (M) Debbie Freeman
Baby Shepard Aug 10, 1962 Lowell, MA (USA) (A) Laurel Roy
Beth Shepard Apr 26, 1969 IL (O) Beth Shepard
Brian Shepard Aug 29, 1958 MI (USA) (A) Brian Shepard
Baby Girl Shepard/berumen Jul 20, 1968 National City, CA (USA) (A)
Baby Shepherd May 3, 1976 Houston, TX (USA) (M) Karen Shepherd
Baby Boy Shepherd Jan 5, 1980 (O) Baby Boy Shepherd
Baby Boy Shepherd Jan 6, 1981 Reno, NV (USA) (M) Diane Shepherd/ Kelly..
 Baby Girl Shepherd Feb 20, 1961 Castro Valley, CA (USA) (A) Zoe Rowley
Baby Girl Shepherd Dec 27, 1966 Lewiston, ME (USA) (A) Pamela Weseley

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