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Search Results Birth and Adoption Records A - Adoptee, M - Birthmother,
F - Birthfather, O - Other
Adoptee NameBirthdateBirthplaceSubmitted by
Barbara Shaffner Unknown Chicago, IL (USA) (O) Barbara Shaffner
Baby Shahine Shahine Aug 4, 1954 Lorleans, LA (USA) (A) Robin Peacock
Bambi Shalander Unknown Everett, WA (USA) (O) Gary Shalander
Bambi Shalander Jun 5, 1980 Everett, WA (USA) (O) Wilma Lunceford
Bambi Shalander Jun 5, 1980 USA (O)
Bobbie Shamburger Aug 14, 1937 Blue Island, IL (USA) (M) Bobbie Shamburger
Ben Shampang Oct 5, 1972 Pittsfield, MA (USA) (O) Jennifer
Barbara Shand Dec 29, 1939 Pleasant Hill, CA (USA) (A) Barbara Shand
Brandon Shane Jul 22, 1969 Oklahoma, OK (A) Brandon Shane
Brenda Shaner Sep 26, 1963 Steubenville (USA) (O) Cindy Colson
Bradley Shank Ii May 29, 1987 Portland, OR (USA) (F) Bradley Shank
Babyboy Shankin Apr 29, 1967 USA (M) Suzanne Shankin/killion
Baby Shannon Feb 28, 1973 Apple Valley, Ca, CA (USA) (M)
Becky Shannon May 2, 1986 Mackay, UN (Australia) (A)
Bertha Shannon Nov 14, 1982 Evansville, IN... (O) Bertha Shannon
Baby Boy Shapiro Feb 20, 1980 DC (USA) (M) Sari Hurdle
Baby Girl Shapiro Jun 7, 1952 New York, NY (USA) (A) Wendy Yader
Baby Girl Sharer Oct 8, 1959 Houston, TX (USA) (A) Jeanne Ross
Barbara Shark Nov 10, 1955 Chicago, IL (USA) (A) Barbara Shark
Boy Sharkey Dec 22, 1968 CA (USA) (F) James Sharkey
Brian Sharkey Sep 23, 1979 Mt. Prospect, IL (USA) (A) Brian Sharkey
Baby Girl Sharon Dec 1, 1966 Phoenix, AZ (USA) (A) Sharon Banks
Baby Boy Sharp Apr 16, 1982 Tonapah,, NV (USA) (M) Sheila Sharp
Baby Girl Sharp Mar 4, 1968 Ft. Worth, TX (USA) (A) Rebecca Conklin
Barbara Sharp Unknown Sydney (Australia) (O) Barbara Sharp
Barbara Sharp Aug 25, 1954 Cleveland, MS (USA) (A) Barbara Sharp
Brandy Sharp Aug 11, 1984 Pewee Valley, KY (USA) (A)
Brenton Sharp Jul 17, 1967 Appleton, WI (O) Brenton Sharp
Bruce Sharp Apr 24, 1970 Fayetteville, NC (USA) (A) Bruce Sharp
Barbara Sharpe Aug 13, 1953 USA (A)
Becky Sharpe May 24, 1957 Dover, DE (USA) (O)
Beverly Sharpe Mar 26, 1975 Saskatchewan (M) Beverly Sharpe
Barbara Sharpes Unknown (M) Barbara Sharpes
Baby Girl Sharples Mar 10, 1966 West Covina, CA (USA) (A) Jennifer Ritchie
Baby Sharrett Feb 23, 1987 Port Charlotte, FL (USA) (M) Joanne Sharrett
Bethany Shatzer Apr 5, 1980 Anabel Mo, MO (A) Bethany Shatzer
Baby Boy Shaul Nov 25, 1962 San Diego, CA (USA) (O) Jacqueline Griffith
Baines Shauna May 30, 1983 Fortworth, TX (A) Baines Shauna
Bobbie Shaver Sep 21, 1953 Canyonville, OR (USA) (A) Barbara Ross
Brett Shavers Jun 3, 1980 El Paso, TX (A) Brett Shavers
Baby Shaw Jul 2, 1957 La Habra, CA (USA) (A) Sally Bray
Baby Shaw Jan 16, 1962 El Paso, TX (USA) (M) Terry Shaw
Baby Shaw Jul 5, 1963 Pasadena, TX (USA) (A) Mary Cowart
Baby Shaw Aug 24, 1981 Orlando, FL (USA) (O) Joann Akers
Blanche Shaw Oct 1, 1938 (M) Blanche Shaw
Brenda Shaw Jun 8, 1978 Riverdale, GA (M) Brenda Shaw
Brian Shaw Jan 14, 1980 UT (USA) (A) Brian Shaw
Briana Shaw Sep Dallas, TX (USA) (M) Shontasha Shaw
Brownor Shaw Jul 1974 Cincinnati, OH (USA) (A) Robyn Shaw
Bradley Shawn Feb 10, 1976 El Dorado, KS (O) Bradley Shawn

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