Birth Country: Colombia

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Search Results Birth and Adoption Records A - Adoptee, M - Birthmother,
F - Birthfather, O - Other
Adoptee NameBirthdateBirthplaceSubmitted by
Johana Pierce Unknown Colombia (O) Johana Pierce
Quevias Unknown Bogota (Colombia) (A) Quevias
Leti Diaz Quintero Unknown Colombia (A) Leti Diaz Quintero
Marianela Verkerk Unknown Bogota (Colombia) (A) Marianela Verkerk
Unknown Colombia (A)
Amy H Unknown Colombia (A) Amy H
Claudia Oenema Dec 13, 1968 Bogota (Colombia) (O) Claudia Oenema
Amy Bergman Jan 31, 1972 Colombia Sa (A) Amy Bergman
Carlotta Franz Sep 24, 1972 Bogota (Colombia) (A) Carlotta Franz
Chad Marin Aug 13, 1973 Colombia (O) Chad Marin
Michael Jones Oct 21, 1973 Bogota (Colombia) (A) Michael Jones
Bridget Rogan Dec 24, 1973 Bogota (Colombia, South... (A) Bridget Rogan
Mariela Ducuara Mar 13, 1977 Bogota (Colombia) (A) Mariela Ducuara
Laura S Jul 11, 1977 Socorro (Colombia) (A) Laura S
Jennifer Ratto Jan 6, 1978 Bogota (Colombia) (A) Jennifer Ratto
Lefteroff Mar 21, 1978 Bogota (Colombia) (A) Lefteroff
Ronald Hanson Jun 30, 1978 Medillin (Colombia) (A) Ronald Hanson
Joshua Minchen Aug 7, 1978 Bogota (Colombia) (A) Joshua Minchen
Maria Porras Oct 8, 1978 Bucaramanga (Colombia) (O) Maria Porras
Robin O'hara Jan 1, 1979 Pasto (Colombia) (M) Robin O'hara
Joann Forshaw Apr 20, 1979 Hudson New York (Colombia) (M) Joann Forshaw
Robin O'hara May 29, 1979 Pasto (Colombia) (M) Robin O'hara
Tania Boulton Neira Nov 30, 1979 Bogota (Colombia) (A) Tania Boulton Neira
Maria Thome Jul 2, 1980 Bogota (Colombia) (A) Maria Thome
Benjamin Engle Oct 25, 1980 Bogota (Colombia) (A) Benjamin Engle
Eliza Griggs Aug 17, 1981 Colombia (A) Eliza Griggs
Clare Cooper-tognoli Mar 4, 1982 Bogata (Colombia) (A) Clare Cooper-tognoli
Roberto Cartero Mar 10, 1982 Bogota (Colombia) (A) Roberto Cartero
Roberto Cartero Mar 10, 1982 Bogota (Colombia) (A) Roberto Cartero
Ann Kennelly May 7, 1983 Colombia (A) Ann Kennelly
Christine Dwyer Dec 4, 1984 Colombia (A) Christine Dwyer
Amanda Leigh Aug 15, 1987 Concepcion (Colombia,... (O) Amanda Leigh
Clara Hussy Jun 9, 1988 Bogota (Colombia) (A) Clara Hussy
Daniel Henry May 1, 1989 Medellin (Colombia) (O) Daniel Henry
Unknown Colombia (A)
Unknown Colombia (A)
  Unknown Colombia (A)
Dana Uberto Unknown Colombia (A) Dana Uberto
Tatiana Bermudez Jul 16 Bogata (Colombia) (A)
Maria Montano Granja Sep 1 Cali Valle (Colombia) (O) Carissa Eagan
Patricia Acero Dec 6, 1960 Medellin (Colombia) (A)
Jackelin Barreto Nov 29, 1965 Villavicencio (Colombia) (M) Jackelin Barreto
Valencia Jul 8, 1966 Bucaramanga (Colombia) (A)
Simone Mar 22, 1968 Medellin (Colombia) (A)
Betty Cardona Jun 12, 1970 Guadalupe (Colombia) (A) Lisa Erickson
Julietta Gutierrez Jun 22, 1971 Bogota Or Cali (Colombia) (A)
  Aug 26, 1971 Medellin (Colombia) (A)
Ermalina Rojas Jan 1, 1972 Medillin (Colombia) (A) Tanya Quinzio
Steve Smith Feb 4, 1974 Bogota (Colombia) (A) James Blue
Fernando Villa Jun 1974 Medellin (Colombia) (O) Wendy Higgins

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