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Search Results Birth and Adoption Records A - Adoptee, M - Birthmother,
F - Birthfather, O - Other
Adoptee NameBirthdateBirthplaceSubmitted by
Brooks Jun 12, 1971 Lake Forest, IL (USA) (A)
Mitchell Jun 14, 1971 Lake Forest, IL (USA) (O) Liz
Susan Conway/leech Jun 21, 1971 Lake Forest, IL (USA) (A) Susan Leech
Kelly Leonard Oct 27, 1971 Lake Forest, IL (USA) (A) Kelly Leonard
James Brakebill Dec 23, 1971 Park Forest, IL (USA) (A) Joshua Ilch
Joshua Adams Dec 23, 1971 Park Forest, IL (USA) (A) Joshua Adams
Timothy Holland Jan 17, 1972 Lake Forest, IL (USA) (A) Timothy Holland
Apr 26, 1972 Lake Forest, IL (USA) (M) Doris Drakeley
John G May 25, 1973 Lake Forest, IL (USA) (A) John G
Joe Castro May 25, 1973 Lake Forest, IL (USA) (O) C Gardner
Lucas Sep 27, 1973 Lake Forest, IL (USA) (A) John Murphy
Jun 18, 1975 Lake Forest, IL (USA) (M) Barbara Alix
Jun 1976 Lake Forest, IL (USA) (A)
Oct 6, 1976 Lake Forest, IL (USA) (A)
Marnie Schmidt Feb 7, 1977 Lake Forest, IL (USA) (A) Marnie Schmidt
Tamra Tully Mar 31, 1979 Forest Park, IL (USA) (M) Tamra Tully
Dana Melone Oct 24, 1979 Park Forest, IL (USA) (M) Dana Melone
Matthew Certa Apr 20, 1980 Lake Forest, IL (A) Matthew Certa
Baby Girl Bower Oct 27, 1981 Lake Forest, IL (USA) (A) Katherine Scanlan
Mark Jan 2, 1982 Lake Forest, IL (USA) (A) John Wright
 Courtney Mills Jan 17, 1982 Lake Forest , IL (USA) (A) Courtney Mills
Baby Girl Martens Nov 17, 1982 Lake Forest, IL (USA) (M) Mary Martens
Irons May 10, 1983 Lake Forest, IL (USA) (M) Nancy Irons
Michael May 10, 1983 Lake Forest, IL (USA) (A)
Echevarria Aug 5, 1983 Lake Forest, IL (USA) (A) Rachel Ritchie
William Trotti Jan 5, 1984 Lake Forest , IL (USA) (A)
Dec 12, 1984 Lake Forest, IL (USA) (M) Sandra Davis
Baby Adams Jul 5, 1985 Lake Forest, IL (USA) (M) Jennifer Mendez
Kyle Jul 17, 1985 Forest City, IL (USA) (A) Kyle Garman
Angela Famighetti Jan 6, 1986 Forest Park, IL (USA) (M) Shelly Famighetti
Jordan Wolf Jan 10, 1986 Lake Forest, IL (USA) (M) Stephanie Wolf
Natalie Feb 16, 1987 Lake Forest, IL (USA) (M) Patricia Berra
Jul 16, 1987 Lake Forest, IL (USA) (M) Sandra Davis
Sandra Hatcher Aug 8, 1987 River Forest, IL (USA) (M) Sandra Hatcher
Natalie Midlock Feb 16, 1988 Lake Forest, IL (USA) (A)
Alisha Drake Mar 22, 1988 Lake Forest, IL (USA) (M) Trista Drake
Alisha Drake Mar 22, 1988 Lake Forest, IL (USA) (A) Kristen
Gregory Unknown Forestdale, MA (USA) (O)
Philip Boggs Dec 13, 1938 Forest Hill, MD (USA) (A) Philip Boggs
Lawrence Fones Mar 30, 1950 Forestville, MD (USA) (A) Lawrence Fones
Janet Turner Jan 26, 1964 Forest Hills, MD (USA) (A) Janet Turner
Joel Osterloh Nov 11, 1970 Forest Lake, MN (USA) (M) Sheryl Osterloh
Mar 17, 1976 Forest Lake, MN (USA) (A) Benjamin Arndt
 Nicholas Palmer May 4, 1976 Forest Lake, MN (USA) (A) Nicholas Palmer
Erin Connors Jul 16, 1980 Forest Lake, MN (USA) (A) Erin Connors
Lewis Rounsaville Jul 4, 1975 Forest, MS (A) Lewis Rounsaville
Sammie Boykin Aug 3, 1981 Forest, MS (USA) (M) Kathey Boykin
Gary G Unknown Forest City, NC (USA) (A) Gary G
Lisa Cole Jan 22, 1962 Forest City Nc, NC (A) Lisa Cole
Crystal Michelle Jun 1, 1975 Pisgah Forest, NC... (A) Crystal Michelle

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