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Search Results Birth and Adoption Records A - Adoptee, M - Birthmother,
F - Birthfather, O - Other
Adoptee NameBirthdateBirthplaceSubmitted by
Sep 10, 1959 Watsonville, CA (USA) (O) Juli Cooper
John Hunt Sep 10, 1959 Los Angeles, CA (USA) (A) John Hunt
Durbin Sep 10, 1959 Los Angeles, CA (USA) (A) Judy Ross
Dell Tanner Sep 12, 1959 Los Angeles, CA (USA) (A)
Baby Girl Parker Sep 15, 1959 Los Angeles, CA (USA) (A) Jyll Bond-lee
Matthew Shannon Sep 16, 1959 Long Beach, CA (USA) (O) Susanne Moyer
 Jamie Kemp Sep 16, 1959 San Diego, CA (USA) (A)
Anna Waldrop Sep 16, 1959 Marysville, CA (USA) (O)
Michael Henderson Sep 17, 1959 Los Angeles, CA (USA) (A) Michael Henderson
Michael Davis Sep 17, 1959 Norwalk, CA (USA) (A)
Phyllis Powell Sep 17, 1959 Los Angeles, CA (USA) (A) Dawn Huber
Nancy Lathrop Sep 20, 1959 San Francisco, CA (USA) (A) Nancy Rutherford
Unknown Unknown Sep 21, 1959 Bakersfield, CA (USA) (A)
Stacii Miles Sep 21, 1959 Pacomia, CA (USA) (A) Stacii Miles
Jill Zimman Sep 21, 1959 Thousandoaks, CA (USA) (O) Yvonne Salmeron
? Overall Sep 22, 1959 Los Angeles, CA (USA) (A) Kenneth Lehr
Sep 22, 1959 San Diego, CA (USA) (A) Lisa Tachihara
Richard Mcgee Sep 22, 1959 Oakland, CA (USA) (O) Kristine Smith
Baby Bell Sep 23, 1959 Torrance, CA (USA) (A) Jill Raines Case Stratton
Russell Sep 24, 1959 Huntington Park, CA (USA) (A) Sharon Akins
Sep 26, 1959 San Francisco, CA (USA) (A) Vincent Vigil
Sep 27, 1959 San Diego, CA (USA) (A) Lee Stewart
Lee Stewart Sep 27, 1959 San Diego, CA (USA) (A) Skye Corpe
Melinda George Sep 28, 1959 San Jose, CA (USA) (A) Melinda George
Debbie Clever Sep 29, 1959 San Francisco, CA (A) Debbie Clever
Kristine Mcferon Sep 30, 1959 San Jose, CA (USA) (A) Kristine Larson
Sawyer Oct 1959 Palo Alto, CA (USA) (M) Donna Rollins
Roberta Kahan Oct 2, 1959 Los Angeles, CA (USA) (A)
Anna King Oct 2, 1959 San Francisco, CA (USA) (A) Mary Anderson
Patricia Rodgers Oct 4, 1959 Los Angeles, CA (USA) (A) Patricia Rodgers
Patrick Taylor Oct 4, 1959 Santa Monica, CA (USA) (A) Gerard Reis
Sandra Rivers Oct 7, 1959 Los Angeles, CA (USA) (A) Sandra Rivers
Monick Oct 8, 1959 Santa Monica, CA (USA) (A) Mark Orgel
Michael Lee Oct 8, 1959 Los Angeles, CA (A) Kevin Airey
Jennifer Phelps Oct 9, 1959 Los Angeles, CA (USA) (O)
Jill Izzarelli Oct 9, 1959 Sunnyvale, CA (USA) (A) Jill Izzarelli
Lisa Finne Oct 9, 1959 Los Angeles, CA (A) Lisa Finne
Jeff Milan Oct 10, 1959 Los Angeles, CA (A) Jeff Milan
Diana Derry Oct 11, 1959 San Diego, CA (USA) (O)
Joseph Mcmahon Oct 12, 1959 San Mateo, CA (USA) (A) Joseph Mcmahon
Carolyn Regan Oct 12, 1959 Los Angles, CA (M) Carolyn Regan
Carol Mythen Oct 13, 1959 El Sobrante, CA (USA) (A) Carol Mythen
Andra Elaine Oct 15, 1959 Long Beach, CA (A) Andra Elaine
Unknown Unknown Oct 16, 1959 Torrance, CA (USA) (A) Unknown Unknown
Lance Stevens Oct 16, 1959 Torrance, CA (USA) (A)
Oct 17, 1959 San Mateo, CA (USA) (A) Steven Dewitt
Belia Martinez Oct 17, 1959 Torrance, CA (USA) (A) Belia Martinez
Teresa Sanderson Oct 18, 1959 Las Angelas, CA (O) Teresa Sanderson
Julie Miller Oct 18, 1959 La, CA (USA) (O) Debra Zick
Oct 19, 1959 Petaluma, CA (USA) (A) Richard Barlowe

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